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Tude Dude

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With Attitude! ECards. Frustrating, disastrous events with family and non-family,found their way into print and Tude Dude cartoon caricature. Followed then, by the Dudette cartoon caricature. With these caricature creations, it was possible to find humor in some of these real life situations. Turning these frustrating events around, I could find something funny in it all. From all this experience, I learned to never miss an opportunity to laugh at myself. I have also given a venue for others all over the world to communicate some real feelings.

Ever evolving, the Candy Hair Kids were created next ... Dudette's Pals and the Candy Hair website. I love the innocence of these Candy Hair Kids caricatures. Doing something productive and positive while given something negative, is my forte. Let the silliness, be yours, dare to dream, create, and surround yourself with laughter, silliness, and positive joyful feelings. Today, Tude Dude and Dudette can boost of having millions of fans of ALL ages, all over the world! One hundred and thirty countries to be exact. People of ALL ages, of all ethnicity, of different languages, all over the world, are communicating With Attitude! Most are laughing and loving it. Let the animated, talking Tude Dude or Dudette deliver your message With Attitude! Free EGames: Play our fun,silly, kids rated surf safe, Games. Our Unique Tees Boutique: Best of all you can shop in our T-shirt boutique. You can now "wear" the Tude Dude, Dudette and Candy Hair Kids cartoons. Select from our NEW T-Shirt line! Remember: It' not "Just" a t-shirt!  Check it out!

~ Find Humor ~ Keep Laughing ~ Here's Smiling At You ~


Anita Laguna
Proud Member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
Anything Worth Doing Is Always Done With Attitude!

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